Sponsors & Supporters

Companies and community groups are encouraged to support the Louise Graham Regeneration Center through sponsorship and support of our events. Helping others is good business!  People support companies which support their communities!

Support and sponsorship of the Louise Graham Regeneration Center gets the word out about your business, provides name recognition opportunities, and lets your employees know you believe in bettering the communities in which they work and live.

Sponsorships are available for our annual Celebration breakfast, and a variety of other special events. Levels and benefits of sponsorship vary by event, so please contact Arthur O’Hara, Executive Director at (727) 578-5437, ext. 2915 to explore the possibilities.

Benefits to your company can include:

And, of course, our sponsors have fun at our events and are proud of the role they play helping adults with disabilities achieve greater independence, life skills and a sense of accomplishment.

Supported in Part By:  

Our sponsors include:

Please, join the ranks of our many committed supporters as we provide opportunities to meet the needs of developmentally disabled adults who deserve to be recognized for their ability to contribute meaningfully to our community.