Ways To Help

Why Give To The Louise Graham Regeneration Center? 

The Louise Graham Regeneration Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing the best in job skills training, adult day training and employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. We are committed to enriching the lives of our consumers by teaching those skills that most directly make a difference in their social, recreational and employment mastery. Donations help us provide job training, life skills instruction, community involvement and recreational activities for adults with developmental disabilities that we train and employ. We value our supporters because we know they believe, as we do, that we can build healthy communities and shape a better future together by devoting resources - caring attention, supervision, training, socialization and opportunities for meaningful employment to consumers at Louise Graham. 

We fundraise for capital improvements to the facilities, including repairs and upgrades to ensure a safer, more consumer-friendly workplace, and for equipment - replacing aging machinery increases the number of consumers we can train and employ. We also fundraise for program expansion, to increase self-esteem and mastery, and for scholarships, as not every consumer qualifies for sufficient (or any) Medicaid payments for services. Several consumers have been scholarshipped by the Center for months or years depending on their circumstances.

How Can I Help? 

You can help us remove the obstacles developmentally disabled people face and replace them with the pride of accomplishment, the joy of meaningful engagement in their community, enriching experiences, the daily satisfaction of work and the sense of belonging the Louise Graham Center gives those who have so often lived without. Please think about which aspects of the lives of consumers you'd like to improve as you consider your philanthropic goals. Whether you choose to give a gift of cash, donate stocks or other appreciated assets, remember a loved one through a donation, or participate in a matching gift or planned giving program, your contribution is well used and greatly appreciated! 

By fostering the healthy development of consumers who learn and work at Louise Graham, we ensure a future - and a community - we'll all want to be part of. You can help make that happen in the following ways: 

Gifts of Cash 

To make a contribution by check, please mail your check, made out to the Louise Graham Regeneration Center to: Louise Graham Regeneration, 2301 3rd Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33712. 

Matching Gifts 

Matching gifts from your employer can increase the impact of your contribution. To find out if your company or your spouse's company offers a matching gift program, contact your company's human resources department for the necessary forms. 

Memorial/In Honor Of Gifts 

In whatever form you choose to make your gift, you can designate that it be listed in memory of a family member or friend, in honor of an individual, or in recognition of a special occasion. 

Gifts Of Assets 

To discuss the transfer of securities, or to discuss donations of real property, please contact Amy Shore, Development Director, at (727) 578-5437 or email ashore@rclub.net

Planned Gifts 

Planned gifts ensure that your donations create a legacy to continue scholarships and programs for developmentally disabled adults into the future. Planned gifts include bequests, wills, gift annuities, and gifts of life insurance and retirement plans. Should you wish to find out more about planned giving opportunities, please contact Amy Shore, Devlopment Director, at (727) 578-5437 or email ashore@rclub.net


Companies and community groups are encouraged to support the Center through sponsorship of Center events. Sponsorships help enrich the lives of the developmentally disabled while promoting your business and people support companies which support their communities. Louise Graham Regeneration Center sponsorship gets the word out about your business, provides name recognition opportunities and lets your employees know you believe in bettering the communities in which they work and live. Levels and benefits of sponsorship vary by event, so please contact the Center to explore the possibilities. Benefits to your company can include prominent logo placement and/or signage at special events, advertising in programs, tickets and special seating, recognition in the Center's newsletter, on our website and in our annual report. And, of course, our sponsors have fun at our events and are proud of the role they play in adult day programs and paper recycling efforts.

In-Kind Gifts 

The Center can also use different items and materials throughout the year. If you have items you'd like to contribute, please call Joanne Stottlemyer, Program Director, at (727) 327-9444. Items should be new or in very good condition and clean. Your donation will be greatly appreciated! You will receive a form to use for verification of your donation. 

All gifts of any size are greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for your support!

Stewardship And Our Pledge To You 

As responsible stewards of the donations we receive, we pledge to you, the donor, the following: 

Upon receipt of your gift, we will send you a letter expressing our gratitude and providing documentation of your gift for tax purposes. Your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Unless you request anonymity, your name will appear on our donor rolls in the annual report and in some cases in our newsletter. 

We respect the wishes of our donors who choose to remain anonymous. Be assured that information about your donation is handled with respect and confidentiality to the extent provided by law. We do not sell or exchange information our mailing list.