Going Green Benefits Your Company

Supporting the environment by using recycled or "green" products does more than just help the environment. It projects a positive image to your consumers that as a company, you have taken the time and effort to make decisions that benefit your community and beyond.

Americans increasingly are concerned about the environment, and an overwhelming majority believe companies bear part of the responsibility for conservation.

The 2007 Cone Environmental Survey polled 1,066 adults online March 29.

Of those surveyed, almost one in three report a heightened interest in the environment compared to a year ago, while more than nine in 10 say they believe companies have a responsibility to help preserve the environment.

Almost all those polled say a company's conservation practices affect their image, the study says, with more than nine in 10 reporting they have a more favorable image of a company that exercises environmental responsibility.

85 percent say they would consider switching to another company's products or services if they knew the company had poor corporate responsibility practices.

As consumers, more than half of respondents report buying products with recycled content or making energy-efficient home improvements, and nearly half say they buy environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies.

- Philanthropy Journal

Environmentally friendly practices don't just impress your clients, but your employees as well!

A survey by Harris Interactive further concludes that 33% of adults are more inclined to work for a green company, and 52% of employed adults think their company should do more to be environmentally friendly.

“We’ve seen an increase recently in the number of job seekers who want to work for ‘green’ companies or companies working in industries that are helpful to the environment.”

- Bernadette Kenny, Chief Career Officer, Adecco USA