Adult Programs

The Louise Graham Regeneration Center provides adults with developmental disabilities (consumers) with high quality pre-vocational and life skills training, and employment opportunities,  that facilitates their admission into the community at large. With enrichment classes and job training, individuals with disabilities can continue working toward becoming more independent and self-sufficient citizens. 

Consumers participate in enrichment and life skill activities that increase their self-confidence, sense of mastery and social skills. 

Adults with significant disabilities learn:

Adults with developmental disabilities get involved in their communities through community outings and volunteer activities arranged by the Program Manager at Louise Graham. Examples of outings include library visits, dances, trips to local parks and restaurants, theater performances and more. Arts and crafts activities are offered on-site as are exercise classes.

Meaningful social, recreational and life skill activities, coupled with job training and community involvement, greatly enrich the lives of consumers. Through the Adult Day Training program at the Louise Graham Regeneration Center, consumers experience skills mastery, an increase in self-confidence and greater satisfaction in their lives. 

For further information about adult day programs, please contact JoAnn Stottlemyer, Program Manager, at 727-327-9444 or email her at